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Beryl Hopkinson club president


Grade: n/a
Name: Beryl Hopkinson
Info: Became Club President after the sad passing of Husband Christopher.
George Launders club chairman


Grade: Sensei Black Belt 6th Dan
Name: George Launders
Info: Club chairman and sensei since 2004 George has taken the club forward into the Zen Judo Family.
Neil Hopkinson club vice-chairman

Vice Chairman

Grade: Black Belt 3rd Dan
Name: Neil Hopkinson
Info: Neil has been involved with Judo for the over 30 years. He is an expert in defence techniques.
Taz, club coach


Grade: Black Belt 1st Dan
Name: Tahir (Taz) Mohammad
Info: Taz has been with the club for many years and has mastered many martial arts including wudru jujitsu Budokan and shotokan Karate
Bill Perry, club coach


Grade: Black Belt 4th Dan
Name: Bill Perry
Info: The oldest member of the team Bill has studied Judo for nearly sixty years.
Daniel Hopkinson, Instructor and Child protection Officer

Instructor and Child protection Officer

Grade: Black Belt 2nd Dan
Name: Daniel Hopkinson
Info: Dan started judo at the age of six and at the age of 18 achieved his first Dan he has taken a course in safeguarding children and is now the clubs child protection officer his instructioal technique goes from strength to strength.
Alf Duddridge, club Junior coach

Juniors Coach

Grade: Black Belt
Name: Alf Duddridge
Info: Alf started as a Junior at the club and worked his way throught the grades to become the first club member to grade to BZJFA 1st Dan. A big kid himslef Alf is idealy suited to be the clubs Juniors Coach.
Lynette Hopkinson, club Secretary and Instructor

Secretary/ Instructor

Grade: Black Belt
Name: Lynette Hopkinson
Info: Lynette has made a big impact since becoming secretary she is a great foundation for the junior grades with her very precise teaching techniques.
Black Belt Members
Michael Mclaughlin 2nd Dan (Snr)
Matt Davies (Snr)
Philip Martin (Snr)
John Yeomans (Snr)
Brown Belt Members
Alex Dalimore (Snr)
Doug Davies (Snr)
Liz Davies (Snr)
Ethan Donaghy (Snr)
Ben Hargreaves (Snr)
Nick Mundy (Snr)
Steve Walker (Snr)
Blue Belt Members
Green Belt Members
Ian Angus (Snr)
Neil Dallimore (Snr)
Elizabeth Ealing {Jnr}
Connor Gallagher {Jnr}
Orange Belt Members
Faith Graham {Jnr}
Joc Graham (Jnr)
George Launders (Jnr)
Nabilah Shabbir (Jnr)
Usmaan Shabbir (Jnr)
Yellow Belt Members
Peter Graham (Jnr)
White Belt Members
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